At its core, NYOrtho is
Quality, Flexibility and Dependability


Commitment to Excellence

The driving force behind our manufacturing is providing patients with products of the highest caliber for their safety, comfort, and support

Quality Control

At NYOrtho, every step of the production process is supervised to ensure that upon receipt of your product – you are completely satisfied

Product Development

From concept to market release, our expertise in the field is there to guide you through the development stages until your product is ready for launch

Manufacturing Expertise

NYOrtho offers our clients access to the latest industry practices to deliver high impact solutions that achieve better results


Customer Specific Product

NYOrtho recognizes the need for individualized products by adapting our product lines in accordance with the demands and requirements of our customers


NYOrtho’s attitude is eager to explore new ideas and break through barriers in support of your vision

Customer Care

Our agents are empowered to go above and beyond the call of duty to provide full service for our clients before, during, and after purchase

Short Run

NYOrtho’s facility enables us to produce short run products, allowing you to take a risk on a product – without the risk



We ensure ease of communication and positive responses so that all questions, comments, and concerns are addressed

Shorter Lead Time

NYOrtho excels at meeting lead times and responding to the delivery needs of our customers


Our facilities can accommodate fluctuating levels of demand and product to meet your business requirements at a cost competitive price


NYOrtho manufactures each product with perfect precision, yielding impressive results every time

Our client-first attitude sets us apart because we possess the capability to turn your concept into reality within a good time frame


NYOrtho discusses a product idea with the client


NYOrtho’s product manager and engineering team conceptualize the product and how best to accomplish its production


NYOrtho calls in purchasing to discuss material procurement and patterning


NYOrtho’s manufacturing team produces the working sample and test for approval

and Deliver

The product is manufactured, shipped and delivered to the customer

Need Materials?

NYOrtho’s raw material procurement process is based on product performance, quality, overall value and price. NYOrtho obtains the right materials for your product so that you don’t have to.

Time Sensitive?

NYOrtho’s lead time is short and results are fast. Driven to meet and improve upon your deadlines, we consistently perfect our process and effectively manage production to ensure an on-time delivery.

New Product to Launch?

NYOrtho’s short run production capability produces small quantities, minimizing risk, so that you can experiment with a new product in confidence.

Need Quick Replies?

NYOrtho U.S. customer service agents are readily available to communicate with you on your questions, concerns and issues within a small time window for reliable and secure business interactions.

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