NYOrtho ZERO-G Heel Pillow™


Individuals unable to avoid long periods of uninterrupted pressure over bony prominences who are at increased risk for the development of necrosis and ulceration. This group of patients typically includes elderly individuals, those who are neurologically impaired, and those who are acutely hospitalized.


The NYOrtho ZERO-G Heel Pillow is specially designed to off-load the heels into air, relaxing the spine and decreasing lower back pain, thereby preventing, and providing relief from pressure sores.


  • Cushioned design off-loads heels into air, preventing pressure sores and providing relief from them.
  • Convoluted surface securely and comfortably positions both legs, relaxing the spine and decreasing lower back pain.
  • Breathable, low-shear, stretch cover with Antimicrobial protection reduces friction.
  • Slip resistant bottom prevents sliding.
  • Optional gel-pack reduces gel migration and dissipates metabolic heat, continuously maintaining a cool interface between the body and cushion.
  • Available strap option secures cushion to bed.
  • Wipe clean surface.
  • Meets CA 117-2013 standards.

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Specifications Unit Price Model
24’’ x 16’’ x 7’’ x 5½’’ Cushion Each -- 9900
24’’ x 16’’ x 7’’ x 5½’’ Cushion W/Strap Each -- 9900S