NYOrtho ZERO-G Heel Cloud Suspension Boot Wedge Stabilizer Offloading Heel Protector Eliminate Heel Pressure Injury Skin Ulcers Skin Sores, Prevent Foot Drop, DVT Holes, Easy Monitor


Individuals unable to avoid long periods of uninterrupted pressure over bony prominences are at increased risk for the development of necrosis and ulceration.


The NYOrtho ZERO-G Heel Cloud™ combines craftsmanship and innovation providing a sides-down, open door patented design that provides an accessible, easy to monitor wound site. High-performance fabrics promote and maintain a cool and clean healing surface. Hypoallergenic microfiber filling comfortably cradles the foot, eliminating pressure and friction to the skin while offloading the heel and bony prominence on both sides of the ankle.


  • SIDES-DOWN, OPEN DOOR PATENTED DESIGN – Offers a direct, unobtrusive view of the wound without any contact or exerted pressure to the wound site.
  • OPEN BOTTOM OFFLOADS THE HEEL – Eliminates pressure and thereby pressure sores.
  • ELIMINATE PLANTAR FLEXION – Prevents plantar flexion (foot drop) with an easy to adjust positioner.
  • THREE DVT HOLES – Left, right and center for attachment of DVT pressure devices.
  • Soft interior peachskin fabric with texture gently helps maintain heel position minimizing patient movement.
  • Hypoallergenic microfiber filling comfortably cradles the foot and cushions the ankles, eliminating pressure while offloading the heel.
  • Breathable, water-resistant, antimicrobial peachskin fabric helps promote air circulation and wick moisture away.
  • Wipe clean nylon exterior fabric is easy to maintain.
  • Universal sizing.
  • US Patent 11,833,070.

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