NYOrtho Wheelchair Lateral Support L-Shape


Patients who require bilateral upper torso support.


NYOrtho Wheelchair Lateral Supports provide petite residents with bilateral torso support and promote proper sitting posture in a standard wheelchair or geri-chair. Made with MDF rigid insert, covered with padded foam and high-performance wipe-clean material.


  • Improves comfort, filling the gap between resident and armrest.
  • MDF rigid insert promotes better posture and stabilizes patient position.
  • Cool and comfortable, high-performance stretch fabric covers an inner foam layer.
  • Easy to apply reversible elastic bands keep support in place.
  • Sold as an each or as a pair.
  • Wipe-clean surface.

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Unit Price Model
13”H x 16”L Each -- 9535-16131H
13”H x 16”L Pair -- 9535-16131H-S