NYOrtho Urine Bottle Holder


Provides a secure holder for patients requiring urine bottles when in a wheelchair, geri-chair or bed.


The NYOrtho Urine Bottle Holder provides a convenient, discreet and sanitary pouch for holding a male urinal. Male patients using urine bottles will find this holder provides a discreet way to hid a urine bottle and keep it easily accessible.


  • Easy-on easy-off quick-release buckle attaches to wheelchairs and bed frames.
  • Gripper webbing keeps holder in place and is easy to adjust.
  • Stiff stay maintains shape for easy removal and replacement of holder.
  • Durable and washable nylon.
  • For use with 1000ml male urine bottle.
  • Urine bottle not included.

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Size Unit Price Model
11½” x 7” Each -- 9544