NYOrtho Urinary Drain Bag Holder


Patients with urine drainage bags.


The NYOrtho Urinary Drain Bag Holder is designed to secure and support urinary drainage bags, typically used by patients with urinary incontinence or undergoing catheterization. It aims to provide convenience, comfort, and discretion for patients while preventing accidental dislodging or dragging of the drainage bag. Available in a hi-frequency RF welded vinyl or a machine washable canvas.


  • Designed to hang discreetly under wheelchairs, geri-chairs, or beds, our holder provides a subtle setup, preserving the dignity and comfort of residents and patients.
  • Eliminate concerns of accidental dislodging or dragging of the drainage bag. Our holder is fortified with adjustable straps that ensure the bag remains firmly in place for utmost peace of mind.
  • Our one-size-fits-all approach ensures that drainage bags of all sizes and brands find a snug fit in our holder.
  • Tailored to varied preferences and needs, the NYOrtho Urinary Drain Bag Holder is available in two durable materials:
    • Wipe-Clean Vinyl: Featuring a hook and loop closure, this high-frequency RF welded option is perfect for those prioritizing easy maintenance and a secure, liquid-proof, durable build.
    • Machine Washable Canvas: Engineered for longevity with a sliding buckle, this version also boasts a Convenient Hook & Loop Strap that secures drain bag tubing, preventing accidental pulling or uncoupling from the catheter, combining durability with practicality.

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Custom Sizes Available

Dimensions (WxH) Specifications Unit Price Model
11 x 9 in. Canvas Each/Case -- 9549
10.5 x 11.25 in. Vinyl Each/Case -- 9550