NYOrtho Ultra-Lite Hip Protector


Patients at risk of falling or hip fracture.


The NYOrtho Ultra-Lite Hip Protector is designed with energy absorbing foam pads that help to minimize injury from falls. Independent laboratory test data shows a 32.8% reduction in the amount of force transmitted to the hip trochanter bone. NYOrtho Ultra-Lite Hip Protectors place in the top five best performing pads as a result from a side-by side test performed by an independent research institute.

Based on Laing et al., Journal of Biomechanics (2011) Volume 44, pages 2627–2635, completed with results of recent independent test results of BeoHip pads by S. Robinovitch


  • Most proven economical hip protector on the market.
  • Unique energy absorbing foam pads conform to the contour of the body for secure fit.
  • Sold as a kit with two sets of briefs and one set of removable pads so that patient never goes unprotected.
  • Light, breathable, latex-free, polyester/spandex fabric provide optimal comfort.

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Small Pair -- 9960-S
Medium Pair -- 9960-M
Large Pair -- 9960-L
XL Pair -- 9960-XL
2XL Pair -- 9960-2XL