NYOrtho TRIForm Ultra-Gel Wheelchair Cushion


Patients at risk for pressure ulcers under the thighs, greater trochanters, ischial/tailbone region and coccyx.


The NYOrtho TRIForm Ultra Gel is engineered with ultra-high density gel-infused memory foam to address specific pressure points and postural issues, incorporating an ischial step, coccyx scoop, and medial thigh separator to optimize pressure distribution, pelvic stability, and hip alignment. By addressing these biomechanical aspects, the cushion significantly reduces the risk of pressure ulcers and musculoskeletal complications. Crafted for long-term wheelchair users and those with particular medical needs, the cushion’s multi-faceted design offers a scientifically-grounded approach to enhancing both immediate comfort and long-term musculoskeletal health.


  • TRIForm engineered to address specific pressure points and postural issues, incorporating an ischial step, coccyx scoop, and medial thigh separator:
    • Ischial Step: Specifically contoured to support the ischial tuberosities, our ischial step ensures that pressure is evenly distributed. This helps to reduce the risk of pressure sores and provides  enhanced comfort for extended sitting, making it a lifesaver for those with spinal injuries or post-surgical recovery needs.
    • Coccyx Scoop: Our cushion comes with a coccyx scoop that offers targeted relief for tail bone pressure, reducing pain and enhancing overall comfort. This is particularly beneficial for individuals recovering from coccygeal injuries or surgeries.
    • Medial Thigh Separator: To prevent the adverse effects of excessive internal rotation of the thighs, our cushion includes a medial thigh separator. This feature keeps the thighs aligned and discourages improper posture, thereby reducing stress on the hip joints and trochanters.
  • Gel-Infused Memory Foam vs. Foam Cushion with Gel-Pack:
    • Cooling: Ultra-high density gel-infused foam ensures consistent cooling, unlike localized cooling in foam with a gel-pack.
    • Firmness: Gel infusion maintains foam consistency, whereas a gel-pack can cause uneven firmness.
    • Contouring: Gel-infused foam contours to the body.
    • Design: Gel-infusion offers a seamless blend, avoiding the unevenness from a separate gel-pack.
  • High-performance pressure reducing fabric promotes healing via active evaporation of moisture and cooling at patient pressure points. Antimicrobialwater-resistant and mildew-resistant.
  • Aggressive non-slip bottom ensures secure placement on the wheelchair, enhancing safety and usability.
  • Meets CA 117-2013 standards.

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