NYOrtho Shoulder Orthosis Abductor


Bankart repairs, SLAP lesion repairs, anterior dislocations, posterior capsule repairs, anterior repairs, rotator cuff repairs, and total shoulder reconstruction.


The Shoulder Immobilizer provides positional arm support and immobilization following upper extremity injuries and/or surgeries. This sling and pillow combination device can hold the shoulder/arm in a neutral position and help to prevent post-operative complications. New breathable spacer fabric and lightweight design enhances patient comfort.


  • Easy to apply and to adjust arm position.
  • Breathable padded spacer fabric for added comfort.
  • Foam abduction pillow encased in breathable spacer fabric helps maintain neutral position.
  • Comfortable low-profile foam pad cushions the sling against body when worn without the abductor pillow.
  • Exercise ball for muscle and circulatory stimulation.
  • Universal sizing – fits left and right arm.
  • Color: Black.

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Small / Medium Each -- 8712-SM
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