NYOrtho Sheepskin Wheelchair Pads


Patients requiring protection of sensitive skin and/or improved seating comfort.


Redesigned for superior comfort and skin protection, NYOrtho Sheepskin Wheelchair Pads elevate the standard of wheelchair seating. Utilizing advanced, high-grade synthetic sheepskin, these pads offer an enhanced level of plushness and support, making any wheelchair seat more comfortable and conducive to prolonged use.


  • Deluxe Imitation Sheepskin Fabric: We’ve elevated the comfort level with our newly sourced imitation sheepskin. It’s thicker, plusher, and softer than ever, creating a luxurious seating experience that transforms any wheelchair. Plus, our advanced fabric design ensures it does not shed, maintaining its quality and appearance over time.
  • Enhanced Skin-Friendly Features: 
    • Soft Binding: The addition of soft binding around the edges eliminates any hard or abrasive edges, providing a seamless and gentle touch against the skin.
    • Anti-Microbial Properties: To ensure health and hygiene, the fabric now includes anti-microbial properties, actively preventing the growth of bacteria and maintaining a clean seating environment.
  • Pressure Sore Prevention: The low shear, non-allergenic nature of our synthetic sheepskin furthers the pad’s ability to protect against pressure sores, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  • Optimized for Comfort and Health: The high-pile fur design promotes air circulation, not only offering comfortable cushioning but also helping to regulate temperature and reduce the risk of overheating while providing a comfortable base preventing skin from sticking to wheelchair vinyl seats and backs.
  • User-Friendly Design: Our wheelchair pads are designed for convenience and practicality. They can be easily attached to any wheelchair using a variety of methods like hook and loop closure, elastic, or straps, depending on the specific model.
  • Versatile Purchasing Options: Understanding different needs, we offer these pads both individually and as a set, providing you the flexibility to choose according to your specific requirements. Machine washable and adhere to CA 117 Standards.

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Specifications Unit Price Model
See below Complete Set Set -- 9552
8.5" x 15" Armrest Pads - Hook & Loop Pair -- 9553
12" x 23" Leg Pad - Adjustable Strap Each -- 9554
7" x 7" Footrest Pads - Elastic Pair -- 9555
18" x 16" Seat & Backrest Pads - Ties Set -- 9556