NYOrtho Quick-Release Gait Belts


Patients requiring assistance with transfer or ambulation.


NYOrtho Quick-Release Gait/Transfer Belts provide caregivers with a leveraged hold on the patient/resident to assist in safe transfer/ambulation and help prevent caregiver back injuries.


  • Easy to apply quick-release delrin buckle.
  • Constructed of heavy-duty 2″ cotton webbing and available in natural and pastel.
  • Machine washable.

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Unit Price Model
2" x 54" Each -- 9505P-54
2" x 60" Each -- 9505P-60
2" x 72" Each -- 9505P-72
Size Unit Price Model
2" x 54" Each -- 9505W-54
2" x 60" Each -- 9505W-60
2" x 72" Each -- 9505W-72