NYOrtho Lumbar Orthosis Support


To help treat and relieve pain associated with spondylolysis, burst fracture, spondylolithesis, postural support, chronic back pain, post laminectomy, spinal stabilization, compression fracture, discogenic disc disease, herniated or bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, lumbar muscle/ligament strain/sprain.


Lumbar Orthosis supports are used not only to supplement weakened or damaged muscles and joints, but also as a non-surgical means of treating many spinal disorders.


  • 10” high back tapering to 5” front panels.
  • 4” Overlapping outer-belt provides additional compression to the abdominal and lumber area.
  • Removable front panel with pocket / insert cradles and lifts abdomen.
  • Rear pocket with molded plastic insert (15º of lordosis) conforms to body shape.
  • Velcro Closure.

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Specifications Unit Price Model
Small Fits Waist 26"- 32" Each -- 5610B-S
Medium Fits Waist 30" - 37" Each -- 5610B-M
Large Fits Waist 34" - 41" Each -- 5610B-L
XL Fits Waist 38" - 47" Each -- 5610B-XL
2XL Fits Waist 44" - 54" Each -- 5610B-2XL