NYOrtho Lateral Position Knee Abductor


For side-lying patients with leg contractures that require knee abduction.


The NYOrtho Lateral Position Knee Abductor is an expertly designed supportive device that aids in the management of leg contractures and promotes knee abduction. Specifically designed for use in a side-lying position on a bed, it provides optimal support to maintain the correct positioning of the lower limbs during rest or sleep. This device works by maintaining the proper alignment and separation of the knees and legs, which is essential in preventing and treating leg contractures. By promoting knee abduction, it not only ensures correct posture but also reduces the risk of pressure sores and aids in post-surgical recovery.

The NYOrtho Lateral Position Knee Abductor thus plays a significant role in fostering improved mobility, enhanced comfort, and an elevated quality of life for users dealing with various musculoskeletal conditions. Its side-lying design offers a practical solution for users, enhancing their comfort during sleep and rest periods.


  • Prevention of Contractures: Knee abductors can help prevent leg contractures by keeping the knees and legs properly aligned and separated. They can also aid in stretching exercises as part of a physical therapy regimen for existing contractures.
  • Post-Surgical Recovery: After knee surgery, especially after total knee replacement or procedures involving the lower limbs, a knee abductor can help maintain proper alignment and prevent the legs from touching each other, which can help in the healing process and prevent complications.
  • Pressure Sore Prevention: By keeping the knees slightly apart, a knee abductor can help reduce the pressure and friction that occurs when the knees rub together, which can lead to pressure sores, skin irritation, or exacerbate existing sores.
  • Pain and Discomfort Relief: For individuals with certain conditions like arthritis or hip dysplasia, a knee abductor can help
    reduce discomfort and pain by promoting a more natural and comfortable alignment while resting or sleeping.
  • Improved Posture and Circulation: By promoting proper alignment of the lower body, knee abductors can also improve
    overall body posture and enhance circulation in the lower limbs.
  • Meets CA 117 Standards.

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