NYOrtho Foot & Calf Pad


Patients needing lower extremity support and/or cushioned leg support while preventing feet from slipping behind footrest.


The NYOrtho Foot & Calf Pad is tailored to provide exceptional comfort while safeguarding delicate skin from potential harm in the lower extremities. This accessory envelops the wheelchair’s footrests and leg rest pads, acting as a protective barrier against skin tears, bruises, and related injuries. Attaching it is a breeze thanks to its quick-release buckles and reliable hook and loop fasteners on both sides, ensuring a snug and durable fit.

Shielding the Essential Danger Zones: Comprehensive protection from both footrest and leg rest panels.

For wheelchair users, especially those with certain conditions or sensitivities, there are areas on the wheelchair that can be considered “danger zones.” These zones often pose a risk for skin tears, pinching, bruising, or other injuries. Some commonly recognized danger zones on wheelchairs include: Footrests: Users might accidentally hit or scrape their ankles or feet against the metal parts, leading to bruises
or skin tears. Leg Rest Panel: Without proper cushioning, this can create pressure points behind the legs, leading to skin issues.



  • Soft Foam Comfort: Gentle on the skin, ensuring reduced risk of pressure sores and injuries.
  • Effortless Attachments: Incorporating a quick-release buckle at the top and secure hook and loop mechanisms on the sides for swift and reliable setup.
  • High-Performance Fabric: pressure reducing fabric promotes healing via active evaporation of moisture and cooling at patient pressure points. Antimicrobial, water-resistant and mildew-resistant.
  • Built to Last: Durable construction guarantees longevity and unwavering protection over time.
  • Safety: Meets CA 117-2013 standards.

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