NYOrtho Elastic Wrist Wrap


Ideal for mild carpal tunnel syndrome.


The NYOrtho Wrist Wrap is a trusted companion for individuals looking to provide added support and protection to their hands and/or wrists, especially for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Made from 3″ neoprene, it’s engineered to provide robust support while ensuring day-long comfort. The product line offers two distinct models: one with a thumb loop, which extends support over both the hand and wrist, and a wrap-only version that centers its support exclusively on the wrist. Both models have a discreet design, allowing wearers to effortlessly incorporate the wrap into their attire without drawing attention.


  • Made from durable and flexible neoprene that provides exceptional cushioning and utmost comfort.
  • Soft top and bottom texture of the material is gentle, ensuring a comfortable feel against the skin without causing irritation.
  • Tab closure can be applied anywhere along the circumference of the wrist wrap, allowing for versatile adjustments to accommodate a wide range of hand and wrist sizes.
  • Two models: Choose between the thumb loop model for combined hand and wrist support, or the wrap-only version for focused wrist assistance.
  • Ambidextrous /Universal

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Specifications Unit Price Model
Universal Wrist Wrap W/Thumb Loop Each -- 9450-BK
Universal Wrist Wrap Each -- 9460-23