NYOrtho Door Guard W/Alarm


For wandering patients; to deter unauthorized entry or exits.


NYOrtho Door Guard Alarm System is an effective door alarm guard for wandering patients. These door guard alarms warn caregivers when a patient attempts to exit or enter a door that the medical alarm system is serving. These alarm systems can also be used at home for fall management and wander prevention. These door guard alarms can even be used to prevent children from wandering. The Alarm is quick to sound whenever the guard or banner is detached from the door alarm monitor.


  • Compatible with NYOrtho Door Guard Stop Sign Banner (9797).
  • Alarm sounds when banner is detached.
  • Battery operated with 9-Volt battery (included).
  • Low battery indicator.
  • The Door Guard provides a visual reminder to residents not to exit or enter through the guarded doorway.
  • Attaches easily with adhesive hook and loop strips to the door frame and removes easily in case of emergency.

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Unit Price Model
12" x 40" Each -- 9797-40-ALRM
12" x 48" Each -- 9797-48-ALRM
12" x 53" Each -- 9797-53-ALRM
12" x 60" Each -- 9797-60-ALRM