NYOrtho Deluxe Gait Belt Transfer Belts With Handles, Plastic Buckle Assistance Safety Device Caregiver Help Support Patient Around Waist, Lift, Sit, Stand, Walk, Ambulate, Fall Prevention


Patients requiring assistance with transfer or ambulation.


The NYOrtho Deluxe Gait Belt offers the simplicity of a gait belt with the added support of easy to grasp hand loops. Provides caregivers with improved hold on the patient/resident to assist in safe transfer/ambulation and help prevent caregiver back injuries.


  • Extra wide 4″ high back for greater weight bearing leverage and comfort for the patient.
  • Six handles provide attendants with a firm grip to assist in the safe transfer or ambulation of patients.
  • Belt is secured with an adjustable quick-release buckle.
  • Soft nylon is machine washable.
  • Universal sizing.

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Fits 28" - 55" Each -- 9507