NYOrtho APEX CORE Wedge Foam Cushion


Patients at risk for pressure ulcers requiring posture support and/or inclined to slide forward.


For patients that are inclined to slide forward, the NYOrtho APEX CORE™ Wedge Foam Cushion,  combines a firm core foundation that eliminates hammocking with the superlative APEX™ innovative design. A high-performance stretch cover, improves moisture evaporation and enhances the APEX™ design features.


  • Wedge design helps prevent forward sliding.
  • Firm CORE Foundation: High density beveled polyethylene provides a firm foundation that eliminates hammocking.
  • High density foam provides excellent pressure relief and comfort.
  • Breathable Stretch Removable Cover: High performance pressure reducing fabric promotes healing via active evaporation of moisture and cooling at patient pressure points. Antimicrobial, water-resistant and mildew-resistant.
  • Aggressive non-slip bottom with easy to attach quick-release straps keep cushion in place.
  • Meets CA 117-2013 standards.

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Unit Price Model
16" x 16" x 4" x 2" Each -- 9599-W-161642
18" x 16" x 4" x 2" Each -- 9599-W-181642
18" x 18" x 4" x 2" Each -- 9599-W-181842
20" x 16" x 4" x 2" Each -- 9599-W-201642
20" x 18" x 4" x 2" Each -- 9599-W-201842
22" x 18" x 4" x 2" Each -- 9599-W-221842
24" x 18" x 4" x 2" Each -- 9599-W-241842