NYOrtho APEX CORE Coccyx Pommel Wheelchair Cushion Cooling Gel-Foam High Density Rigid Firm Foundation Base Layer Eliminates Hammock Effect, Non Slip Water Resistant Prevent Pressure Injuries, Pain Relief, Hip Positioning


Patients at risk for pressure ulcers in the coccyx area, requiring hip positioning.


For patients requiring hip positioning and to eliminate pressure under the coccyx, the NYOrtho APEX CORECoccyx Pommel Gel-Foam Cushion, combines a firm core foundation that eliminates hammocking with the superlative APEX™ innovative design that chambers the gel-pod closer to the top of the cushion, providing a cooler interface between the patient and wheelchair. A high-performance stretch cover improves moisture evaporation and enhances the APEX™ design features.


  • Designed to off load tissue under the coccyx thereby eliminating pressure under the coccyx.
  • Pommel helps keep knees separated, preventing hip rotation.
  • Firm CORE Foundation: High density beveled polyethylene provides a firm foundation that eliminates hammocking.
  • Innovative APEX™ Design Cools and Reduces Body Interface Pressure: Dual density foam layers provide a soft top entry layer, promoting direct interface with cooling gel-pod and a higher density base layer for support and pressure distribution. This top-design brings the gel-pod up close so you can feel the superior comfort and stability.
  • Breathable Stretch Removable Cover: High performance pressure reducing fabric promotes healing via active evaporation of moisture and cooling at patient pressure points. Antimicrobial, water-resistant and mildew-resistant.
  • Aqueous Dual Gel-Pod: Dual chamber gel-pod reduces gel migration.
  • Aggressive non-slip bottom with easy to attach quick-release straps keep cushion in place.
  • Meets CA 117-2013 standards.

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Size Unit Price Model
16" x 16" x 3" Each -- 9599-GCP-161603
18" x 16" x 3" Each -- 9599-GCP-181603
18" x 18" x 3" Each -- 9599-GCP-181803
20" x 16" x 3" Each -- 9599-GCP-201603
20" x 18" x 3" Each -- 9599-GCP-201803
22" x 16" x 3" Each -- 9599-GCP-221603
22" x 18" x 3" Each -- 9599-GCP-221803
24" x 18" x 3" Each -- 9599-GCP-241803
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16" x 18" x 3" Extended Lead Time Each -- 9599-GCP-161803