NYOrtho Abduction Wedge Knee Separator


Patients with abduction contractures, recovering from hip replacement surgery and/or at risk of skin breakdown.


NYOrtho Abduction Wedge Knee Separator is most commonly used to keep the legs stable after hip replacement surgery or for abduction contractures.


  • Contoured sides maintain 4″ knee separation.
  • Available in two fabric options: Light Blue Sure-Chek fabric – Antimicrobial, fluid-proof, hypoallergenic, wipe-clean surface, or Royal blue, breathable, stretch fabric – Antimicrobial.
  • Hook receptive medical foam strap comfortably maintains leg position, excess strap can be trimmed.
  • Strap is 46″ / Foam 4″.
  • For wheelchair or bed.
  • Meets CA 117.

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Custom Sizes Available

Size Specifications Unit Price Model
Universal Sure-Chek Each -- 9820-96
Universal Breathable Stretch Each -- 9820-97